Custom Glitch Servitors

Item Description

These are thoughtforms a thoughtform is a being that takes a lot of thought to create and then you think them into reality with the use of magic. A glitch is a species that i created to be high tech savvy a scientist for your astral keep. They are have the abilities to cause your enemies or anyone who provokes you a lot of duress. They typically have nicknames but go by a number instead. They are energized off Electrical currents they can create or fix viruses and are protectors. They use the glitch for offense and defense both as well as create a spyglass virus for their keeper only. They can create small creations named after viruses such as Malware, Hydras and Trojans. They make glitches in the matrix so to speak. They also can create robotic like parasites and drop them.

Item Other Details
Please specifically state what gender you'd like and 3 abilities to add to what I do.
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