custom living underworld vampire conjuring

Item Description

hello dears
i have the chance to offer some custom work from the demonic coven,
a dear friend of the coven and underworld vampiress is now here again and she can offer some custom conjured vampires beauties just for you that seek a friend or partner
this are living vampires from many magic races and powers! not spirits!
some underworldvampires can freely walk on earth and some can not…this depends on many things, just make sure what you seek and let me know

you need to let me know what kind of underworld race you are looking for( as example: from greek lore or somply a sanguine vampire)
what kind of character and if you want a dominant partner, a friend and so on
what power you seek?
what gender and what look
we can do a perfect custom match for you by search the right one

here are 6 spots open,
this sale will be open till the 16th june at this price, after the timeframe the price will be at 120 dollar per custom conjuring

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