demigoddess , daughter or Ashera, lifechanger

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Hello dears
I need to say at first again a big THANK YOU ! Because the beings I am offering always find so quickly a new loving home and with so wonderful persons, I love this! This is why I do the interviews and the work for the coven in my free time, because it makes me so happy see you and them become friends and have a wonderful relationship

So i did some more interferes in my free time for you because the last beings found very quickly a new home

All of this beings are Entities, living Beings that can meet you in dreams and send you visions and they can if the bonding is strong meet you also as astral beings here on earth. But this is rare. They can talk with you telepathic and you can use pendulum or cards for communicate with them if you can not sense supernatural beings good.
All of them are save around you, your beloved people and animals for sure.
I can hold them only for 3 days for you, no layaway is possible because of many nonpayments and I can ask the being abut your match if you send me your full name and birthdate.
The pics I am using are a collage done with the help of the being, everyone of them chose the right pic that bring out their mood, look and color out in the way they want you to see them.
ALL sales are final and all will be bound via distance to your body and /or distance vessel.

First we have s princess, a daughter of the Goddess Ashera , the mother of all living. Some say she represent the universe ,some say she is Eve from the Bible, I see her as a mother goddess and a strong erotic raw feminine power.
Some believers and priestess of her were sacred prostitutes in her name, did have orgastic rites also with her near them. And became immortality giftet by her.

Her daughter is very feminine , erotic and wild and a supreme creator like her mother.
I would describe her the best as a extremely cunning ,erotic ,wise and wild catlike energy , she loves her body, she loves life and be around people that dance and sing.
She does seek someone that is lost and have lost the connection from life , that see life as a gray thing that simply is here and need to be filled. She will fill your life with laughter, sex, joy and many aspects of wealth.
She seeks a lifelong connection with you, a deep friendship and a sexual relationship .
She did have a very deep and long relationship with a male human many years ago. He is now a incubuslike being himself. Because she does have the power of her mother, creating new life from old life, she can transform you into something different. She is a supreme creator.

She will transform you and your life. I just know that her father is a poetic prince and called the bringer of power She will tell you more about it after you bonded because it is something she does not tell anybody.
She is wild and energetic but also very nurturing and motherly.
She does not care about genders or your believe, she will love you and care for you.
You can become a price or princess in her realm if you chose be with her always. Or be a friend and lover and change your life into something new and wild.
She will stand at your side and help you.
She does have extremely much knowledge about universal magic, void magic and the goetic magic,
She is a master and I would call her something like a goddess herself. But she does not like the title. She can change your future completely if you let her, respect her and work with her.
She loves fire, warm weather, sex, walks in nature, sunshine and the smell of rum , vodka and also many flowers, sweets is also something she likes and the color red

She will need a visiting for see if you at the chosen one for her
I would need your full name and birthdate for it, or maybe you feel the calling short after reading her description and it will be as a warm feeling, a warm wind or something that has to do with a flame.

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