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Hello dears,
because many asked about the chance of a custom conjure from them, and i have now the time, because i needed to close my tattooshop because of corona. i casn offer this for the next 3 weeks.
You would need to write me whoyou seek as a partner, or friend, gender, personality, level of darkness and so on,
all conjures are done by me and the bindings by the demon coven.
the beings are very unique and there are so many different characters out there.
you get a pic of theit look, description of their character and everything important.

i have today an offer for you to made that is my own.
i start from the beginning, i have travel many places in my dreams and many sphares. In one sphare i found a kind of dreamland that had people of all kind stuck in their dreams ,so they could not get out of the dreamland, the body on earth of them were in a coma.
I even lost myself nearly in this World. But a demon that was with me, removed me from the dreamworld. i tried many times to free some of the people in this dreamland. Some people were freed but some stays because they do belive this is the real world.
Now i meet one of the creators of this kind of dreamworld. He is more like a controller of the dreammasters.
And learned that there is a race of vampiric spider-demon like beings that creates many many kind of dreamworlds, and live from the energy of every dream the people have in it.

The master of this worlds do not have close realtionships with each other, they are teretorial and dominant. So they have relationships and friendships with some of the beings that inhabit their worlds. It is complicate….some of this Masters are sinister and build their dreamworlds full of pain, suffer and fear. This masters are never let the people go that dream in their worlds till they fade away and die.This are beings i would never want to meet.
But some are friendly and love to build worlds full of fun, pleasures and happiness. This masters are living from the dreamenergy of the people in it but only take what they need for their immortalitiy and every human in it just dream one night, many feel a bit drained. But this is all.
I am now in contact with some of this masters.
Three of them are searching for a human that will help them build a place in their dreamland for you and the humans you want to meet.
THIS is a chance to become like a god! The masters are not evil and will not let you do evil things in the dreamland. This is something i would not allow as binding or connection.
BUT you can as example…build the world in it you always wanted and be a king in it. You can tell the master that you want as examle Keanu Reeves or a other celebrity, a person you know by name and picture…and they will “suck” the one into the dreamworld for you for a special dream.
The people will only dream in it, not stay for ever.
YOU can chose to stay there with the master forever and be immortal and shapeshift into any form you like. This is only possible in the dreamworld.THIS will be a offer the master will make after know you better, it will not happen over night. Please be realistic lol. For this, you just need to bond with the Demonmaster and become friends with him or her.

Or you chose first for just create your dreamland in the sphare of the master and stay there for a night or nights, whenever you want , you can come to the dreamland and create and gain powers and eneergy from the dreames also.

This is a kind of realtionship/friendship the masters offer.
You would need to take a noticebook and write the name of the master in it and than create list with names of people you specialy want to see in your own dreamland place. And you need to think about the persons look if you write it in the book, or include a pic of the person. Than you can create the dream and the person will be in it.
For this choice , you do need to be able to remember your dreams, if only a bit. This is essential if you want to remember the dreams of yours.
The masters will open you for the essential dreaming.

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