Elemental Demon T

Item Description

Age: 461
Gender: male
Type: elemental demon
Enduring and patient

T is about 6’0 tall with tan/grey under-toned skin. He has pale yellow eyes and deep brown hair. He often has a long coat on that’s tattered in some places.

There’s not a lot to say about T other than he enjoys who and what he is. He loves being in nature and manipulating it. He enjoys earth more than any other element. This being said it won’t be uncommon that you see him no matter the weather sitting on the ground in a trance, hands underneath the dirt. He feels that when you can feel the energies of the earth then you can understand it better. So much blood has been spilled on these grounds he says if you listen closely enough you can hear it still seeping into the earth. Being cleansed and recycled into it. He believes there are connections as long as you stay connected to memories, beings, emotions. He enjoys the grounding energy and the smell of it when it rains. He said if he where to be anything else he’d be a tree. T can be a little eccentric sometimes but he’s highly empathic and sensitive to the energies around him. He’s intuitive, and a pleasure to have around. He’s a bit more on the quiet side but will make a great companion

Sexual preference: females
Sexual appetite: he can be more submissive at times, and enjoys being on the bottom for the view.

Manifesting: soothing energy, sexual energy, telepathy, the wind, lucid dreams

Abilities: grounding, a bit of kundalini work, elemental magic, knowing what you need and helping you get it, root chakra healing and cleansing, healing, emotional healing

In his own words: 👋hello smalls

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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