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Hello dears
Today, first I want to thank you all for the trust you put in me and give the beings I offer here, a wonderful home and deep friendships.

Today I can offer you special fairy cats that are in need of a loving friend. All of them are rescues from the dreamlands . One Dreammaster has them kept as animals in a kind of zoo. And the cats were there for ages.
Fairy cats are a race of fairys, they real form is a cat with wings. They are always active, full of energy and love to chat or give you good advise .

The dark or black magical cats are always black in color with wings that are batlike.
The white and dark art cats are in many colors, the wings are more like Butterflywings, some have large ,some have tiny wings. All can fly lol.

Here are Healer cats, General Spell casters, Necromancer, revenge bringers and protectors, wealthbringers and much more.
You would need to tell me what you are looking for in special or let the perfect cat choose you!
I have now here 11 Cats. They are living in the dreamland but are still able come to earth in an astral form or even as a cat in real.
All are strong characters and love telepathic communication
I have here white magical, dark and black magical cats. All are living entities and not spirits.
All of them are mature and all are willing and very much waiting for a human friend.
All are loyal and really powerful.
It is very rare that fairy cats chose a “normal” human over a witch as a friend. The cats are seeking a lifelong friendship. And are giving you much back for your friendship.

I have now the chance giving you something back. I list them at a nice price and all Money will be donated to an animal care organization that works for free and neuter cats in the streets of Germany.
You give a wonderful magical cat a new home and do something good.
All cats will be distan bound too you or a distance vessel you send a pic of.
The perfect fit will be chose for you and every cat will short interviewed and the interview made by me will be send to you also a pic of how he or she looks like.

Write me what character or what kind of power you are interested in. Or let the cat chose you.

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