fallen angelic demonc offsprings

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Hi all
I have here a very beautiful offer for all of you
A race of demonic fallen angel’s offspring’s is looking for human mates, friends and partners
All will be bound per distance vessel binding or energy binding to your body
All are demonic fallen angel’s offspring’s BUT are more like humans in behave and character! nothing evil here or black magical this time 😉
I am more than happy to offer them here for you…as always, I can no longer offer layaway because of a massive non payment.

This race is from a hell realm that is inhabit by demons, beings that were born in hell and so on, they are living in their world like humans do, build houses, have animals, some have children, families and so on, this realm is protected by the “ eternal fire brigade “ this are the offspring’s of fallen angels that did live in hell realms for a long time and demons from the hell realms, some have high royal parents , some not , all are extremely loyal, extremely protective and are looking for friends and partners for life. All have orange or red hair , this is the part they chose the name, All are very old and wise. All are masters in this magic and offerings they will bring you . all are shapeshifters but do look in the true form much like the pics I manipulated .

This entites are all offering you :
fully guidance in your life,
empower and boost every aspect in your life,
protection from all evil forces,
protection form all negative energys on earth and hell realms,
building portals and help you learn this by yourself,
extremely healing with the fallen angels magic,
opening the 3td eye in full with their special magic,
calmness of the mind and body,
happiness and luck boost,
revenge in forms of nightmares,bad luck,pain ,
magical knowledge of their race,
removing blockades from your body and mind,
open your heart and soul for the paranormal,
astral traveling,
knowledge of the true story of the fallen angels,
wealth and beauty boosts

this is Greco ,he is a eternal fire brigade chief
he is a strong fighter and loves to eliminate evil and darkness, he hates his father , demonking baal very very much, so please do not have any connection with baal lol
he is very chaty, funny and wise, all at the same time lol he likes to drink and fight and he likes to live in fullest, he wants someone to be around him that wants the same, that is searching for a self esteem boost, that wants to stand their “man” , he will help you change completely, he is looking for a male or female friend, he does not need to be sexual with you, it always depends for him on the relationship you gain after some time, but he is very very erotic, he is a dominant one, that always wants you to be protected and secured, he always stands behind his friends and is loyal,

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