fire demon

Item Description

Here we have a fire demon, he is independent and does not need to obey any lord. He loves his freedom and works as a bounty hunter for demonlords that need his special skills,
He is very talented in protection and revenge and his skills are well known in the demon realms. Because he can destroy nearly every curse with his fire magic.
He can heal and manipulate your auric field if needed , so you can remove all your negative energy from you and give you a clear new view . He can use his fire magic making you strong and confident and he would love guide someone on the path. He is not evil. He is dark but not in character. He says he has some anger in him and because of this, he does the job of a bounty hunter, he like finding the bad guys, he never is taking a job on someone that is not evil.
He is about 890 years old, he loves fire, red gemstones and rock music.
He is friendly but sometimes stubborn . He had a hard time as child he told me, but does not want to talk about it, but you can see it in his eyes, there is something melancholic.
He is looking for a male or female friend, someone that will need his warm feeling around and his guidance . He will never let you down and will help you build a new happy life and become the best you can be.

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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