Leviathan’s Demonics

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Leviathan’s Demonic

Special conjure
Type: Royal Black Empusa demonic
Name: S
Nickname: Thelma (pronounced Tah-hel-mah)
Gender: Female
Age: 12,000

Appearance: Thelma is about 10 ft long in her present size. She has a long shadow like black body that ends in a few fins. She sports speckles of scales that shimmer and glow like stars, bright blue glowing eyes, two arms, with a top half a human female face and the lower half like an angler fish.

Human appearance: long deep Ink colored curly hair, big bright blue eyes, pale skin her hands and feet covered in black like shimmering scales, shimmering freckles across her face

Personality: a bit eccentric in nature and a smart ass. She’s witty, patient, and loves surprises. A child at heart despite her age, with a mothers love. She’s always watched humans from a safe distance making sure to not stir the waters of those who don’t deserve it. She is on the lighter side of the demonic scale but don’t underestimate her. Dark rolling clouds and the booming of thunder. The crashing waves at sea, these are her favorite sounds. She enjoys the dark, night time and likes looking at the stars from the ocean.

Abilities: She is a morphing demonic. Her morphing abilities rely on her presence in the water. She often tricks men into thinking she is a mermaid luring then into the depths of the ocean until she is able to pull them farther into the darkness only for them to realize it’s too late. She appears and shadows or shimmers across the water and used her abilities well. This being said she’s very good at illusion magic and seeing visions through the reflections in the water. When someones hovered above water and she sees their face, she can se their past present and future. As a darker being she enjoys the presence of heavy storms. And often has an influence there as well. She has a lot in common with the empusa and often finds herself in the company of many. They have a natural lure to her and feel the need to protect her, be at her service. She nor I don’t know why this is. Leviathan says it’s to keep her safe ultimately. That she has royal blood from beings that were thought to be some of the first epmusa/sirens.

Tid bit: she manipulated wind and in her living life did so to help ships sail her direction when needed

Offers: illusion magic, allure, confidence, water element magic, storm magic, air elemental magic, visions, morphing magic

Likes: black sand, sea shells, fish bones,

In her own words: “Im the monster of the sea, you only believe in what you’re able to see, let’s see if you can find me, dipped in the depths of the sea, maybe then you’ll believe in me. I’ll hide, you’ll seek.”

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