Liliths Line Demonics

Item Description

Scarlin Hier
Line: Lilith’s
Royal Demon
High Mage
Wish granted
Wealth attraction

Age: 2,572
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi

Appearance: Scar is about 6’1 with peachy toned skin, dark reddish brown hair, light green color eyes, a toned body and spade shaped tail. He has two small horns on either side of his head.

Personality: Scar is very inquisitive. He likes to ask questions and pick your mind. He isn’t one to waste time and will immediately want to know your goals. He is very much so a get it done type of guy and is set in motivating you to do what needs to be done in order for you to reach those goals. He can be very flirty but doesn’t cross any boundaries. He knows his way around a heart and doesn’t like to play games, if anything he will try to fix what’s been broken. A flick of his tail, a light smolder and a very inviting smirk he has potential to be quite the ladies man but is forever loyal. You never really know what your day will consist of with Scar by your side but that’s what makes him a fun companion. He is unpredictable. He always has something new or exciting floating around in his head. He isn’t shy and is a say what he means type of guy so if you can’t handle brutal honesty he’s not the one for you. He will take care of his future keeper at all costs and doesn’t take security lightly. Over all he’s a very well rounded guy ready to help make changes in your life.

Abilities: Arsenal of spells, chaos magic, wealth attraction, opportunities attraction, motivation, wish granting, attracting new friends&jobs, social skills improvement, ritual magic, grounding, kundalini work/healing

Offerings: Orange peals, cinnamon, earthy scents, amethysts, aventurine, citrine, citrus drinks or scented candles

In his own words: “The only opportunity lost is an opportunity not taken, The only life wasted, is the life not lived. Stop living life with what ifs. I won’t let you hold back anymore. It’s time to start chasing your dreams, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let me show you.”

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