male orc demon

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Hello dears

After many requests about demons that are looking for friends, I have done some more interviews and can present you here some demons.

I already have put on 4 demons that are very special but also black art and not for newbies.

I have here demons for you, that are save, also for the newbie at demonic keeping.

Please know, all sales are final, no layaway and holds only for 3 days are possible
You do NOT need to ask me before you buy out, this time no informations from you are needed, the beings seek no-one special. Just someone for a deep connection.
The price on many is low, so the interviews are short, this are special offers for you that asked for lower prices lol

Distance body or distance vessel binding only.
I can not give you more info at them, all they want you to know is written in the description
The pics I chose are very close to their real look.

First here is a male orc demonic hybrid. He is a Hybrid and his Mother needed to give him into Hands of his demon father because her tribe disliked him that much.
He is very easy going person. Loves nature and Elemental magic very much, his Father is a elemental demon. And they have a kind and loving relationship.
He does not care if someone looks at him and see him as a rarity or unusual. He loves his life and he is living in a Realm full of animals and wild nature that he loves.
He would like befriend a human, that loves nature and needs guidance in life, should it be because of hard feelings, a broken heart or just a shoulder to lean on, he will be here for you, he will help you heal on many ways and teach you become strong ans independent.
He does not see a relationship right now, but should you feel more than friendship after some time, he is totally okay with become lovers. If you are female.
A man he can offer a deep friendship and help. Just no sexual relationship.
He is very strong in elemental magic, healing, shamanic work and guidance.
He loves animals, children and sunshine. He is 330 years old

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