royal son of dagon

Item Description

Hello dears

I present you today beings that were in prison in a dream realm for longer time and that seek human partners . Me and a dreamdemon are helping this beings that were captured in the dreamworlds for a long time, and this way I found also this two beings.

It is a long story, but some demons are able to build dreamworlds and capture in this beings and humans that dream. They life from their energy and emotions and many die there or are in prison for many many years. This is the realm of demons that are shaped like spiders and I have a dreamworld in this realm also, but a good one that I build and that is taking care for by my dreamdemon friend. We also have there a realm for all the rescues that do not have their body anymore.
This are all entity and not spirit I present you now, they are all back into their own dimensions and spheres . But would love be around humans that will teach them about todays worlds and what happened in the last years. All of them have meet humans in the dreamworlds in that they were captured and god close friendships with humans .

Second we have a royal son of Dagon

He is full of calming energy and loves to lift someone up, he would love be around someone that has depressions or a hard time, he seeks a deep friendship with a male or female person.
He does not need house rules, even then his origin is dark, the character of him is friendly and loyal.
He is like a save place, full of comfort and warm nice energy
He is very good in healing of traumas and depressions, clear you from any dark or twisted energy, remove all negative energy from your aura
He also like to be a protector and teacher of void and water related magic, he is a prince in his realm but in no way act arrogant or thinks he is better than others,
He is a master in hypnisis and astraltravel and will teach you and open you for this

He was about 20 years in the dreamworlds captured.

He does look much like the collage just his hair is more dark blue and long with black parts in it, his eyes are graylilac with turquise pupils ,

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