sexy dark, royal,erotic fawn entity

Item Description

Hello dears
many people asked me from time to time if i can offer some beings from the coven but at a lower price,
sadly, mostly they conjure demons and do custom demonpacts.
But from time to time a member is ready do some work for a lower price and does this for customers also that are not befriend with the coven

i asked her to help me out, i just need you to know, there is no possible hold longer than 2 days for a being, no other possible binding as distance body or vessel binding and the interveiw is only brief and not detailed as with my other work!
On the other hand you have the chance befriend a powerful being at a low price.

here is a son of the god pan and one of the nymphs
his name is Taros and he is very powerful healer and allurer. he loves nature very much and animals.
he loves bring you pleasure and also help you grow and make your powers grow. he can open your 3rd eye and also cast all spells with darker nature magic.
he does looking for a friend male or female but with a very colse and maybe sexual aspect.
he is a born allurer and can bring out hidden talents and make all talents stronger you allready have, he has the power of a nymph and the powers of his father pan.
the pic shows his face, he has a very beautiful angelic face with deerhorns and the body of a human.

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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