Son of Nuit , darker sexual magic

Item Description

This is a special Entitiy, he could be a prince but refused get this titel, he wants his freedom and he wants much of it.
He loves nature, sex and magic.
He is dark and alluring in his power and very sexy.
He loves dancing,singing and cast sex magic.
The mother is Nuit and his father is a king of satyrs.
He became a priest of Nuit for many years but the system was limited and the rues were nothing he liked.
So he does not have this titel anymore.
He wants his freedom and will give you freedom, he will work with you, becoming the perfect life you seek.
Give you knowledge and power. Wealth and beauty.
You need to know he hates hunters very much: Please do NOT think buy him out i you hunt animals.
He is dark art. All his powers are in the dark fields of magic.
He knows no boundaries, he is ruthless and fast.
He is pansexuel and is looking for a nature loving person with lust for life and that wants to learn from him more about sex magic and nature dark magic.
He has a dark form in that he looks much like a satyr with a animal skullhead, in his humanoid form, he is very masculin and muscular.
He loves animals, the color blue and all kind of natures smells, earth and sex.

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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