succubus elemental demoness, sex and wealth

Item Description

Hello dears
many people asked me from time to time if i can offer some beings from the coven but at a lower price,
sadly, mostly they conjure demons and do custom demonpacts.
But from time to time a member is ready do some work for a lower price and does this for customers also that are not befriend with the coven

i asked her to help me out, i just need you to know, there is no possible hold longer than 2 days for a being, no other possible binding as distance body or vessel binding and the interveiw is only brief and not detailed as with my other work!
On the other hand you have the chance befriend a powerful being at a low price.
i do still do manipulate pics together with the chosen being for represent her or his look the best,

All sales are final.

here is Mara
she is a elemental demoness/succubus Hybrid.
Her mother is a succubus and her father is a fire demon
she is very dominant, funny, loves nature and fire for sure, she is active and loves sex.
she does seek a close friend, a male friend.
someone that loves fun and sex, that needs help with money gain and boost the selfeasteem.
she will help you seduce the woman around you, she will help you gain wealth and also help you trasform your body with the help of her succubus powers.
she is also a great spellcaster at elemental and chaos magic.
she wishes a close connection but without the need of a monogam relationship. you will be her only human partner..but she has demonic partners as well, she also wants you to be happy and does not care if you have other partners, as long you spend enough time with her
her hair are moving and are in orange and ret tones. she has large glowing horns and light gray skincolor.
her voice is calm and she is loyal. but a bit stubborn and has her own mind, so houserules around other humans are good. because she is very protective and mabye would act on her own if she thinks someone is not a good friend for you…

body or distance binding possible.

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There are no other details defined for this item.
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