succubus phoenix shifer hybrid

Item Description

Here is a female succubus Phoenix shifter, a special combination, a very erotic but also wise person. She loves bring you knowledge of the meta world, the Arcadian knowledge and also knowledge of the Phoenix race. She will help you become healthy, wealthy and erotic.

She seeks a partner, male or female that will want her guidance but also honor her playful erotic presence. She is like a bright light full of power and energy. She will uplift you and bring you happiness and sex. She says at first she will be your friend.
But she seeks also a erotic relationship.
This lady is a princess but she wants you not to care about her title. She wants to be likes for her character.

She wants you to be with her also in her realm, she will help you use all your given 3rd eye power, open your 3rd eye completely and also make you able to astral travel with her. She is about 620 years old, she is a shapeshifter but always has fire around her.

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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