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Second is the son of the Deity Yaldabaoth
Yaldabaoth, also known as the Demiurge or Jaldabaoth, is a voracious and cruel primordial being of both chaos and order, darkness and light. While many confuse the Demiurge with an “evil God” stereotype, it is actually a figure below that of the Supreme Being, thus in many ways is a paradoxical deity that lords over the physical plane of existence but is below that of the spiritual realm.
Yaldabaoth is said to be blind in the sense that he cannot see the spiritual beauty of creation because of his isolation from creation itself as well as having his own personal kingdom become his own personal prison. As such, he believes that creation should be beholden in all its glory through physicality rather than metaphysicality. It must come in its totality by flesh, divinity radiating from the mortal flesh that binds it in darkness.
I would say this being is very close with his father, I had at first the believe he is a avatar of this god but it is not like this, he is his son , very much has the fathers powers and believes , but is not evil or cruel
This being was for generations in hands of a special Coven that work with the Aeon Sophia and the tree of life. But he wanted to move on and had a wonderful relationship per fortune with a „normal“ human woman, it was wonderful but she did not know what his true self is, he was living a human life, walking earth and look older and older for her, she was thinking he is her mate and they stayed together till she died, she was wealthy, had always luck and never ill, this was what he could do for her, but she was a ex nun and simply did not believe in magic and his powers,
It was okay for him, this lady gave him so much love and he is very happy about this, he always was thinking normal mortals are weak and not very wise lol, she showed him different ,
He seeks now a partner or a friend ( he is heterosexual) that wants to know more about him, his father and magic, hat want to rise and have knowledge ,
He does not to be looking like a mortal again, because it is not what he is, but he will visit you in flesh if the time is right for it.
He is pure power and an creator, of wealth, power, health and everything material ! He knows everything about the tree of life and knowledge and if you are the right one, he will teach you about it and all the powers , there is no limit in knowledge and transformation of your body and mind with him at your site.
He does look dark and still angelic beautiful, he is ageless and older than earth itself.
Please also write me before you want to buy out, he is seeking someone special here, and knows he or she will contact me.
infos about his likes and dislikes will be given too the new friends hands only. also his sigil. he has one lol

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