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Energy/Astral form readings:

These will include a description of your form(s), energy types I pick up on, visions I have during the reading, and any abilities that your forms may display to me.

Example: (A customer allowed me to use her reading for this.)

Before I start on your reading I will state that I believe most people have many astral forms whether they are aware of them or not. For these readings I call upon visions to see which ones are the most willing to show themselves to me/are significant to that person. Most forms that come through during these readings are often those of past lives, but are not exclusive to that.

Astral form reading:

“As I speak it so it is, the more I think it the closer it becomes,” is a resounding thought the more I try to focus in on this astral form.

The first thing I see is a brilliant woman with a halo of gold energy around her. She steps forward and energy waves, of teal green and the most exquisite shade of gold I have ever seen energetically. Crystallized diamond shapes swirl all around her, for these I cannot tell if they are simply wards or another layer of her energy.

The woman approaches and just now I notice her long, wild hair. It is incredibly curly and slightly fluffy, with a few small strands of braids and silver ring like ornaments placed at the end of each one. Feathers are scattered throughout her hair, the majority of them being copper in color speckled with white, and appearing as if they’ve been dipped in gold. Her hair is light brown and in the sunlight shines as if it was created from molten gold.

She wears a leather armor like chest piece that is studded with clear crystals that reflect the light back in all sorts of different, vivid colors. On her back she has huge wings, similar to that of a falcon. She has silver piercings along that are in the same ring like design as her hair ornaments. A scorpion like stinger protrudes from her back, but usually seems to be kept well hidden for the most part. Her arms and hands (excluding the very tips of her fingers) have leopard like fur along them. She shows me that her claws can be sheathed and unsheathed, and that they are often painted in elaborate designs. Her shins also have a few small tufts of leopard fur, but there’s not much of it there. Her eyes are a dazzling green, but change to orange and then gold once she steps into the light. Her hind legs are rather feline like, and on thinking on it longer she reminds me of a chimera if it were to take on a humanoid form. The next thing she does is shift slightly changing the stinger into a tail that is able to grip and pick up objects.

She summons a golden spear and I watch as it rapidly changes between the spear form and that of a staff with a glowing blue/green orb at the very end. I can tell that she is ferocious if anyone were to ever pick a battle, but that her defenses are also top notch. Focusing on preventative measures rather than reacting to situations. Her energy is uplifting, and gives off an air of hope. She shows me that using her staff she can form crystals as well as create flowers where there were none along the ground. Strong sense of healing, cleansing, and most importantly growth.

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