Copy of Portulandia (AKA, my Black Obsidian orb)

Item Description

This is a 30 mm by 40 mm polished egg of mahogany obsidian. This holds a copy of the energy and magic of my 100mm black obsidian orb, which has been in the works for years. When I felt it was asking for a name, I offered the name Portulandia, and it gave a very strong pulse in my hand and a very strong yes from my pendulum. It holds hundreds of portals for you to astral through within a system of navigation with a guide, multiple wizard servitors, and much more. Please do not handle or hold this item while driving or at work because it is designed to pull you out of your body for astral travel.

Item Other Details
for entertainment only, I cannot be held responsible for things that happen when in the presence of this item
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