Item Description

This is a bead (approx. 20mm obsidian bead) that allows you to make a candle that releases energy as it burns. I could sell candles that you burn and then sell you more candles, but I chose to sell a tool to allow you to make your own candles. Any color and any shape candle will work including tea candles or scented candles in a glass container. I use dollar store candles that burn for 2 days. I will email the instructions for using the bead. Basically you are giving instructions to a group of servitors to cast magic onto a candle the bead is touching. The purpose can include any combination of healing, money attraction, protection, and/or luck. I am working to add abilities and will try to let you know when that happens.

Item Other Details
As with all magick, there are no guarantees and no refunds. I cannot be held responsible for what happens or does not happen.
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