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from a planet called Paia pronounced Pay-i-uh (a planet very very similar to earth)
she has hazel eyes
short curly dark brown hair
she has full lips and a slim figure ,
Beautifully smooth blemish free brown cocoa skin
her hands are adorned with multiple enchanted rings with which she had been passed down from her family of witches with a few she personally enchanted herself.
(her current look/outfit of the day as i\’m writing this) is a black hat, dangly pentagram earrings, her nails are painted purple and are sharpened/pointed
her clothing is very modern day witchy, sticking to the fall colors of orange purple brown maroon and black, with a black shawl/cardigan that flows down to the backs of her knees
ripped black jeans
she has laced up boots that reach above her knees. she takes pride in her style as she says: “when I’m dressing good it\’s a major confidence booster, it helps me feel good, and altogether is a step in allowing me to be more in tune with myself and in the end allows me to be that much more in tune with my magick, my craft.”
She has full lips and a slim nose, a heart shaped face with high cheekbones and wide wild hypnotizing hazel eyes.

Couduray specializes in
enchanting, gardening,herbalism, music and color magicks/spellworks.
She considers herself mainly a
Eclectic witch : a witch who follows more than a single tradition and who utilizes different paths, cultures and traditions in the work that they do.

But also considers herself
A Music witch: a witch whom utilizes the energies and vibrations of music and sounds to charge herself and her spells,( also considered an air element)
A Hereditary witch: a witch born into a family of witches, incorporating, or continuing their families traditions rituals and ceremonies, passed down unto them.
(Due to her being a hereditary witch / being born into the practice of witchcraft she has her whole life as experience/credentials of her craft and hopes that whomever she finds her home with, would enjoy learning a thing or to from her as well as appreciating the passed down unique traditions/knowledge of her family.)
Earthy witch: witches that work with earthly elements and its energies in their everyday practice, things such as soil collecting, crystal magic,gardening , herbs ,rocks, the spirit of the land, and other earth based things.

Couduray is very passionate woman, mentally spiritually and physically ?.
She considers herself a feminist.
“There is nothing i can\’t do! If i put my mind to something i will find a way! and being a woman in no way shape or form will impede my capabilities. A Lot of people have a misconception about what a feminist is, I don\’t hate men, that\’s not what feminism is about to me. but a lot of people hear the word feminism and their first thought is ,
”ohhh this person hates men!”,which couldn\’t be farther from the truth! to me feminism is about gender equality and in the long run just equality on all fields. since I\’m a woman I feel it\’s my duty to show the cosmos that i\’m not better or less than anyone out there! I believe we are all equal in stature and we all have our qualities that make us unique and special but I believe the world we live in doesn\’t treat everyone as equals, perhaps even subconsciously which is something I feel passionate about and want to work to change.”

From my time spent with Couduray she brought Compassion, life,and fiery fun energy to my home and keep. She definitely can be quite humorous .She is a great friend to have and a good witch and friend to have your back and definitely a good friend you can trust to learn a thing or two from if you\’re interested in learning magick,being a witch or need a boost in self confidence .

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