Curious Witch “D”

Item Description

Darby Galay
Time Period: Ancient Greece (BC)
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Arts: Shadow
Animal association: Birds

A witch in her time though she didn’t think of it that way. She simply enjoyed learning about the stars and magic. She is well versed and has an Arsenal of spells. She is a guide and help maid. She is very observant and poised. She has had time to talk to a few immortals being Apollo, Asmodeus and Hades. She enjoys tea of all kinds as long as they’re warm. Her favorite tools in here living life where self made tarot cards,a black mirror, and tea leaves for divination. She loved to read and taught herself many things, as her dreams led her to many revelations she always listened to her inner voice.

Darby never got married or had kids but she was admired by a few. She has an accent of sorts that can’t be missed and a cute Cheshire Cat smile when she finds something interesting followed by a very common phrase that’s heard as her eyes light up in delight “How Odd!” She does love to have conversations over a warm cup of tea often outdoors. She enjoyed having picnics while she write in her journals now a days grimoires.
She never skipped a beat when it came to self care and stuck to beauty regimens she swears by to keep her looking young. She is a delicate and very feminine spirit who is gentle in the way she speaks but stern when she teaches. She picked up a lot of modern day lingo and says she’s watched many things unfold and wishes she could have a voice. But for now she will take on companionship as her new project. To be up close and personal.

Item Other Details
Distance binding, spirit binding
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