Hades Demonic

Item Description

Revelation Demon
The ended and the beginning
Age: 1700
Sexuality: Straight
Animal association: red fox

Harker is known as a revelation demon. He is well versed in the begging and end of things. Just as he can allow or have something start he can end them just as well. With this he is given the gift of sight and understanding visions of the past present and future. He is very intrigued by human life and wants to experience such first hand. He hopes to bring you many opportunities where your life is concerned. Harker is very involved in his surroundings even in his community he does a lot for others. Where ever he can help he lends a helping hand and does so without asking for anything in return. Often surrounded by good luck many things he touches turns to gold in a sense; they prosper. He is very intuitive, often following his desires. He would like to help his future companion with psychic abilities where he can. This includes healing and helping hone latent or already opened abilities you may possess. He will often tell you about your path and what you can do to excel. He will show you which paths will lead you to success and give you the best options while helping you to reach your goals.

Harker is observant, humble, benevolent, sincere and thoughtful. He will always look out for you and be your support. He is looking for a female companion in hopes that she can lean on him when days get long or become too much. He has a great understanding of the mind and wants to help you expand yours but also put it at ease.

Item Other Details
Distance binding
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