(TAKEN) Toiyal&Roruk (Talan siblings)

Item Description

(Contact Vey Nightshard BEFORE purchasing, noting your interest in these individuals. I will get back to you soon as possible)

Name – Toiyal/Roruk
Species – Talan/Talan
Gender – Female/Male


Toiyal is a 5’2 female Talan. She has smooth, inky black hair, with eyes as deep blue as a sapphire, and very pale skin.
She has delicate features, with a lightweight frame, modest curves, and beautiful, black raven wings sprouting out of her shoulder blades. She normally has black bird talons for feet, although can change them to feet if she desires.
In my personal opinion, they actually look quite beautiful in their own way, and give her a dexterity in her flying about forests, trees, and so on.
She is usually wearing a dark black coat, with an equally dark coloured shirt underneath, black pants, and with her hair casually brushed back over her shoulders, falling down to around her upper back.

Toiyal is philosophical and creative, enjoying deep intellectual conversation, but also equally enjoying casual warm conversation. She can be a little flirty at times, but hasn’t been in a relationship before (something which you don’t need to make mention of, as it’s not of much comment for her or Roruk) so she would appreciate a bit of patience in getting to know her, if you were to be romantically involved.
She is frequently retrospective, reviewing past events, and noting things for self improvement.
Sometimes she can become quite quiet, but that doesn’t mean she’s bothered, as she will often fall into quiet contemplation, preferring to watch others, rather than constantly engage in social chatter. She does however appreciate sitting in good company, even if it’s just enjoying being in each other’s presence.
Her and her brother are quite close, having helped each other through thick and thin, and hence why they decided to look for an earthen companion together.

She absolutely loves flying, so if you’re able to, she wouldn’t mind doing it as an activity together, after getting to know you for a bit. Doesn’t matter where, even if it’s a big loop around an area, just enjoying the breeze underneath her wings.
She also enjoys electronic, trance, and EDM(or electro-club music) she claims, having listened in a time or two while music has been playing, from my other astral companions.
She hasn’t played music herself before, but says she would rather learn magick, and casting spells, having her own blend of magick she is able to cast. She is also quite the quick study, picking up on both teleporting, combat, and defensive magick, when being taught, as a part of my conjuring process.
She also notes she loves guessing games, and solving logic puzzles.

She says she is straight, and would only be bisexual for her bondmate, and perhaps for someone special, if she felt drawn and connected to a female individual. (all Bunnan so far have identified as female, hence bisexual for her bondmate) She is sexually a virgin, and notes that she wishes to keep that for her bondmate, once she finds a bondmate. She is open to romantic interaction, cuddling, hugs, and so on, but no sexual interaction that goes all the way, until having developed that with her bondmate.

Roruk is a 5’10 male Talan. He has a shock of thick, wavy black hair, that comes about to his ears in length, partially covering his forehead, and ears. He has deep blue sapphire eyes, with a touch of brown in them, and pale skin, which can almost seem ivory in colour, in bright sunlight.
He’s around average in build, a bit more lightweight than your average person, with beautiful, black feathered wings arching out of his shoulder blades.
He’s lightly muscled, although is more wiry than stocky, perhaps “toned” being a more apt word. He has long, slender legs, and black bird talons for feet, being able to perch on precarious branches more easily than humans are able to.
He usually wears heavy black cargo pants, and a thin black jacket, with a t-shirt of varying colours underneath, however I have seen navy blue, white, black-white stripes, among other choices.

Roruk is a thoughtful, yet spontaneous individual, finding passion in things to work on, and fight for, motivated by making the world a better place, whether it’s for him and his sister, his friends, or a community he cares about.
He has a big heart, which has been burdened by a lot over his life, taking a lot of responsibilities early on, yet still being able to laugh and smile, which is something I really admire.
He is quick to think on his feet, and prefers being intuitive over wasting a bunch of time thinking about something, and instead planning as he goes. That doesn’t mean he’s impulsive however, and he does have his moments of deep contemplation. Rather, he has just learned to make snap decisions, his life often full of them.
When he does get to relax however, he will take it, whether in quiet solitude, or warm companionship.

Roruk enjoys exploring, climbing trees and flying around. If you’re able to fly astrally, he says he wouldn’t mind flying together to bond as individuals, once he gets to know you a little, or perhaps even gets to know you that way.
Despite his seemingly-spontaneous nature, he enjoys literature, and writing, reading what others have written, to be a wealth of knowledge, such as history and the like. He is able to imitate certain bird songs, and will sometimes communicate with the birds around him. While not directly “understanding” what they are saying, he can sort of feel it, and almost communicate back, or he says that’s what he hopes he’s doing anyways.

He is very good at combat, being a natural, with an agility and flexibility in his combat, well suited to his more slender and wiry body. He prefers not to get into direct confrontation if he has to, and would rather talk his way out, if possible, but isn’t afraid to fight if needed, favouring a short-handle spear, as his preferred weapon of choice. He’s very efficient with it, using every part of the spear as a dangerous tool.
He keeps it slung around his back, cloaking it with a bit of magick. He isn’t the best when it comes to magick, but he has the basics down, and is doing his best at working at it, to improve his skill, his sister often helping him in this manner.

Roruk is straight, while being somewhat bicurious, with a preference for females, at this point and time. He notes that he is into brunette/dark haired individuals, but is pretty open when it comes to romance.
Like his sister, he hasn’t had much romantic interaction, and is a virgin, and wishes to keep that for his bondmate, once he’s met one, whomever that may be. He’s a bit more reserved than Toiyal, but if he warms up to someone and likes them romantically, he enjoys hugs and snuggles, and so forth. So please have patience, and take some time to get to know him, before venturing in that area perhaps.

The two of them mention that if you’re looking to have a relationship with one of them, other than their bondmates, which is necessary for you to be okay with them having another close companion, both of them being polyamorous-sexual, that (if you do choose to be romantic (however that isn’t necessary if not desired)) you are alright with the other one finding an astral partner as well, (while still being your companion) either in Enrora, or perhaps your astral companions, depending on whomever they come to like.

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