~ Dark Vampire Spirit ~ Bella

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Bella is a dark vampire spirit that originated in Romania. She is over 800 years old, and has been to 4 different countries. She is seeking a new master to serve and protect.

Bella has several abilities that can used to great effect. She can forsee events before they happen and give you visions or feelings to help you make the right decision. She also can manifest as a red mist and kiss you which I’m told is very real and stimulating.

She feeds off of the energy you give her or from the lights in your house. Your lights may therefore flicker in her presence. She also has the ability to see into the minds of her victims which can also give her additional insight as to what drives them. You can gain the advantage in a business deal or know what your love interest wants.

She also has been known to play matchmaker, so don’t be surprised if new lovers appear around you. She just can’t help it.

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