Extremely RARE Succubus based on Morrigan For Sale!

Item Description

A once in a lifetime opportunity could be sitting in your lap if you allow it.

Another succubi has altered her birth form to look like the popular anime character known as Morrigan.

She has undergone extensive spell work to make her act and appear as the popular anime character. She even has the ability to be seen with the naked eye. She was looking at me in my mirror this morning.

She is an ultra powerful spirit and can be easily felt even from across town. You may be feeling her presence right now. She is visiting you as we speak to check you out. If she deems you worthy you may hear her whisper to you or even touch you.

Some lucky guy or gal is about to have their world rocked!!!!!

Item Other Details
Please provide me with your full name and date of birth upon sale.
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