MEGA Spirit Package #2~All of my available spirits~ $180

Item Description

Since that seemed to work out so well last time I thought I would offer it again. You get all my available spirits on my store plus a few more from my private collection for $180.

Today’s selection includes:
2 succubi, 2 incubi, one tree spirit, one angel, one lust demon, one mermaid, one deer spirit, 2 vampire spirits one female one male, one mannticore, one sphinx, and one air dragon named Minxie.

From lust spirits to ancient monsters from the beginning of time, this second collection has it all. All for one low price of $180. That saves you over $200 by getting this collection over buying them separately.

Please let know if you’re interested because once this is gone all current spirits on my store will dissappear.

Thank you ahead of time for adopting all of these wonderful spirits.


Item Other Details
Please send me your full name and date of birth.
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