~Powerful Male Vampire Spirit~ Giovanni

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Giovanni is a powerful male vampire spirit that needs a home. He is a tall, dark, and might I say handsome specimen. But, he is more than just good looks ladies. He also has many other redeeming qualities. Namely that he can cook, organize your things, and even help in cleaning the house. I’ve noticed that my broach was put back on my dresser even though I distinctly remember leaving it on the bed.

I’ve also found Giovanni or John as I call him to wander the house at night and guard it for me. I didn’t even ask him to. So he will be of excellent help to guard you and your home.

It is true that he feeds off of living things. He tends to use whatever energy I give him. But he can sustain himself on some of the animals nearby or even some plants. He tried not to hurt anything. Just a little. Just enough to sustain his form. Although he does caution me, in order to do some larger tasks he might need more energy. So be careful when giving him tasks.

Please find it in your heart to accept him into your life and you will be rewarded.

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