~Rare Dark Succubus Spirit ~ Milena

Item Description


Milena is a dark succubus spirit that has recently arrived here at my shop. She is without a home, without a family. She desperately wants to help and serve a new master.

Milena has a few unique talents which will serve her master well. Milena has the power of foresight, and so she can see the most likely futures ahead. Therefore she loves to give hints to the master who needs them in his hour of need. Think of all the business deals, gambling, and life choices she could be of help with..

Milena also has the power of corruption and coercion. She can use her succubus powers to influence the minds of the target you set forth. So if you wanted a raise, convince a friend of something, even make someone fall in love with you then she could help with that.

Her most unique ability is with finding lost things. She can locate an object and whisper its location to your ear or even directly into your mind. She would make wonders for you if you lost your car keys. 😉

She of course can also satisfy her master sexually like all other succubi. However, she doesn’t like to focus her efforts in such pursuits. She will be there for you and satisfy you in everyday she can. Just call on her and tell her what you want. Or simply imagine it and it shall be.

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