~Super CUTE Succubus Spirit ~ Scarlet

Item Description

Today I give the cutest succubus spirit I have ever met in my long years of spirit keeping. Her name is Scarlet and she is the cutest thing ever! >_<

She is so kind and gentle, and a bit naive. Her view on the world reminds me of a child in many ways. She loves to play, sing songs, giggle, and watch TV. But don’t let her cute and “innocent” demeanor fool you. She is a fully grown woman and knows how to please her master if you know what I mean. 😉

She loves receiving hugs and little shiny trinkets like gemstones or coins. She also enjoys watching you as you watch your favorite TV show or maybe even a video game. I swear in another life she would have been a pro gamer.

She is a ball of fun and would make the perfect companion for you as well as a fun younger sister to many of your other spirits.

Item Other Details
Please provide for me your full name and date of birth.
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