~Super Rare Dark Dragon Spirits!!!~

Item Description

I am now willing to give the last 5 dark dragon spirits I have in my private collection. Each one has amazing gifts and abilities. Each one has a unique personality and fascinating history.

They are as follows:

Soren: 3,200 year old male dark dragon. Distinctive tri horn with glowing purple scales. Has powerful psychic abilities and a warm disposition.

Kiara: 1,900 year old female dark dragon with twin spiral horns and pink eyes. Is known as the love dragon, a powerful force of nature that brings two soul mates together.

Lucien: A 4,055 year old male dark dragon with dark magical powers. Can both enact and reverse dark magic. Is a treasure trove of knowledge.

Marcus: a 2,200 year old dark dragon from Yorkshire England. Known to live in the shadows and has the ability to influence human minds.

Persephone: a beautiful 3,700 year old dark dragon with a distinctive sets of glowing purple black spines. She is a fiery one that can both guard your home as well as give you added strength and vitality.

Item Other Details
Please provide me with your full name and date of birth. Also which dragon or dragons you desire.
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