Super rare sex spirit SUCCUBUS Arabella

Item Description

Last night I came across a very rare sex spirit named Arabella. Or Bell for short.

She is as wise as she is beautiful. She is an insatiable hornball and loves to pleasure her master or mistresss. She also has the power to influence peoples minds to a small degree. Usually having to do with relationships or business deals.

She is of the darker persuasion and can be a bit overwhelming with the amount of power and influence she has in the mortal realm.

####Caution is needed for anyone wishing to adopt her. You MUST be prepared for some hands on training and objects moving on their own.####

Please send me your name, date of birth, and at least a couple reasons why you think you would be a good candidate for her adoption.

Thank you

Item Other Details
Please provide your:

Full name
Date of Birth
And three reason why you think you would be a good fit.
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