Super rare sex spirit SUCCUBUS twins Elenora & Nami

Item Description

For sale today are a set of voluptuous twin succubi. Their names are Elenora (Ellie) and Nami. They are both super cute and super sexy. They love to please their owner as well as protect him and his home.

They are very friendly and get along with other spirits. So, if you already have a spirit family then they will fit right in. ^_^

Ellie is the eldest of the two sisters. She is much more mature and intelligent than her younger sister. She tends to be more of a housewife, cleaning, patrolling, and making sure all of your needs are met.

Nami on the other hand is younger, wild, and curious. She will venture out and find something cool or interesting and let you know what she found. She also needs to be taught how to behave in your household. But she is intensely loyal and wants to learn new things.

Item Other Details
I need your full name and date of birth in order to bind the spirit to you directly.
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