Incredibly RARE Female Golden Dragon Cirella

Item Description

Christmas Sale Until December 31st! 50% Off!!!

A true one of a kind spirit has just appeared in my shop. She was given to me by an old friend in exchange for a love spell.

Golden dragons are amongst the most rare dragons in the universe. They take on only the highest portions of light in our spectrum and often appear as white dragons to our untrained eye. However, once allowed to see them in their true form they appear as majestic golden dragons.

Their scales are highly tuned to frequency changes allowing them to be well ahead of the tide in all events in the universe. They are also fully capable of both spatial and temporal travel. Time travelers. They know of the past, present, and future as being present within a time band.

Golden dragons are said to bring incredibly luck to whomever comes into contact with them and I can vouch for that. As soon as Cirella was given to me I sold all of my current spirits on my websites and received my tax return in the mail that same day. Coincidence? I think not.

I am only giving her to someone who deserves it. Someone who truly needs a powerful ally and friend in life. You know who you are, she’s calling to you right now. In fact you may have already dreamt of her before even coming here.

If that is you then please consider taking her under your care.

Item Other Details
Please provide your full name, date of birth, and at least one reason you believe that she should be with you. What makes you the best candidate?
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