Super rare sex spirit SUCCUBUS twins Electra and Daisy

Item Description

For sale today are a set of voluptuous twin succubi. Their names are Electra and Daisy. They are both super cute and super sexy. They love to please their owner as well as protect him and his home.

They are very friendly and get along with other spirits. So, if you already have a spirit family then they will fit right in. ^_^

Electra is the more mature succubus of the twins and tends to act like a mother or older sister. She loves taking care of others and supporting them in their endeavors. She isn’t beyond getting her hands dirty and loves to be in gardens. She may look sexy and sultry but she has a good heart and would make an excellent addition to your spirit family.

Daisy on the other hand is a wild cannon. She is spunky, energetic, and entertains crazy ideas like skinny dipping or running through the woods on a moonlit night. She is a free spirit and has an adventurous heart. She also plays small tricks or jokes around from time to time. So, you’ll have to set her straight. She calls it “punishment”. >_>

Item Other Details
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