Artemis Werewolf Essence: The Turning

Item Description

Artemis Werewolf Essence: The Turning
Feel the influence that Artemis allows as night falls in the sky. Run wild as the werewolf takes over and heightens your senses. Be free as your feet hit the ground beckoning you to howl at the moon.

You’ll receive via email:
The ritual/words
Activation codes for the werewolf portal
A small bit off advice
Associations to use ( diff options available )
***I will give you the time that I will cast your ritual after it’s been purchased.

You MUST do your part and say your ritual words. Only then will the ritual be complete. One can’t work without the other! I MUST say my part and you MUST say yours for the ritual to be cast. ****Note: if you want to opt out on some of the blessings offered let me know and we can adjust the price.

BLESSINGS of The Werewolf:

Open werewolf traits/dna
Increased physical strength
Sexual power
Increased libbido
Root chakra healing
Root chakra and solar plexus activity
Increase of masculine energy
Feel more dominate
Might feel Aggression or moody
Connection to the moon and it’s power as it grows
Greater energy as the moon grows
Will Power
Better sense of family
Intimidate enemies
Victory in all things
Alpha/leader energy
Attract people to you
Dark arts energy boost
Custom Werewolf portal interaction
Respected in the werewolf community
Artemis blessings
Feeling closer to animals
Heighten animal instinct
Animal reflexives
Enhanced hearing
Enhanced smell
Seeing better at night
Closer to earthen body
Boost of Earthen energy
Being more inclined to spend time outside in nature
Enjoying the outdoors(hiking,bonfires etc)
Astral transformation
Body heat escalation
Inclined to eat more protein
Sensitive to touch
Comfortable in your skin
More inclined to have a (pack) better friends

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