Hypnotic Love Ritual: Aphrodite+Cleopatra+Lilith

Item Description

Hypnotic Love Ritual
This ritual is a little sweet and a little spicy. It’s everything sexy, tempting and taunting. It adds a bit of fire as it fills your romantic life with desire and influence.

You’ll receive via email:
The ritual/words
Activation codes for the werewolf portal
A small bit off advice
Associations to use ( diff options available )
***I will give you the time that I will cast your ritual after it’s been purchased.

You MUST do your part and say your ritual words. Only then will the ritual be complete. One can’t work without the other! I MUST say my part and you MUST say yours for the ritual to be cast. ****Note: if you want to opt out on some of the blessings offered let me know and we can adjust the price.

Ritual Blessings Include:

Enhanced sexual attraction from any gender
Center of attention
Be desired
Goddess Beauty
Fountain of Youth energy boost
Intellect boost
Gives you a halo effect
Brings you the power and influence of love
Love energies
Heart and root chakra balances
Heals root/lower and heart chakras
Kundalini energy boost
Promotes healthy relationship
Intimate/dee connection support
Remove blocks to accept/receive love
Attract desired romantic & sexual experiences
Attract soul mates/lovers/partners
Helps you to let go of broken heart/past loves
Self love
Love understanding
Sexual prowess
Increased libido
Stamina boost
Weight maintenance
Softer supple skin
Enhanced feminine figure
Toned body boost
Embody Devine feminine energy
Flirty energy
Extrovert energy
Attracts specific lovers/lovers you want
Succubus(or incubus) energy and enhancements
Blessings from the 3 goddesses

Item Other Details
This can be adjusted for any gender!
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