Lilith’s Vampire Essence: The Turning

Item Description

2. Vampire Essence: The Turning
Experience the influence of the vampires Essence and raw energy through the mother of vampires herself; Lilith. This ritual is perfect for those who love vampires and want to experience becoming as close to it as it gets.(Comes with mini ritual MUST USE)

You will get via email:
The ritual/words
Activation codes for the vampire portal
A small bit off advice
The option to be apart of her bloodline or not (warning: do not do this if you are not ready for the consequences of becoming a part of a dark Goddesses bloodline! There could be night terrors, random visits, etc)
Associations to use ( diff options available )
***I will give you the time that I will cast your ritual after it’s been purchased.

You MUST do your part and say your ritual words. Only then will the ritual be complete. One can’t work without the other! I MUST say my part and you MUST say yours for the ritual to be cast. ****Note: if you want to opt out on some of the blessings offered let me know and we can adjust the price.

BLESSINGS of The Vampire:

Open vampire dna/traits
Good luck
Night vision
Knowledge retention
Be respected in the vampire community
Heighten Senses
Heighten Awareness
Heighten Psychic Abilities/ESP (Clair abilities,lucid dreaming, visions etc)
Become more in touch with your intuition
Mind control
Attraction and allure
Sensual energy
Sexual prowess
Overall energy boost
Dark arts energy boost
Size people up/read energy
Become astral vampire
Custom vampire portal for supportive energy/ attract audience with vampires that can help you on your journey (they won’t stay unless you want them to)
Gives vampires in your keep a boost of raw
Feed off energy
Heighten Predatory senses
Audience with Lilith

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