The Arch Angel’s Covenant

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Arch Angels Covenant
This ritual invoked the audience of the arch angels and it’s normally better if you have angel in your bloodline. That being said this shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be respected. There is a two part ritual and a bit of taxing steps BUT I believe it’s worth it. I added options so you can be comfortable. You must follow the options you choose in order to see results. Like all my higher priced rituals I will also be preforming the second part to complete the cast. There will be code words and a meditation to follow as well.

Opens Angelic DNA/Traits
A sense of innocence
Crystal and rainbow body awakening
Universal consciousness
DNA ? Activation
Self worth
Self respect
Knowing true intentions
Be respected
Heart chakra cleanse and repair
Crown charka cleanse and repair
Third eye cleanse and repair
Healing abilities
Angelic fire
Judgment- able to end bad scenarios that
need to end
Stronger sense and want for justice
Able to end bad cycles
Removes bad Karma
Astral Flight
Prophetic dreams
Lucid dreams
Reiki energy
Universal energy
Light energy enhancement
Holy fire
Fountain of youth
Akashi records access
Universal consciousness
Closer to self
Removes bad habits
Anxiety relief
Remove pressures of stress
Mind clarity
Alleviate depression
Cleansing energy boost
Removes negative attachments
Protective light barrier
Light on your feet
Removes blocks
Removes family/ancestral curses/sins
Halo effect
Physical Beauty
Custom Sin Eater portal
Custom Angel portal( Throne Angel,Courtwind Angel, Bronwyn Angel, Sterling Angel, Galactic Angel, Seraphim Angel)
Celestial guidance through dreams/trance/meditation
Connection to Guardian angels
Aid/Council with Arch angels
Motivation boost
Overall energy boost
Manifesting Energy boost
Karmic Balance and restoration
Blessings and Miracle enhancements
Good luck in all things
Power of the stars
Ascension/Light activation
Merkaba activation
Regain past life abilities
Activation of all talents and hidden abilities
Higher self activation
Knowledge Retention boost
Gain knowledge
Wisdom boost
Clair ability boost
Discernment boost
Heighten intuition
Astral transformation
Chakra cleanse
Chakra alignment
Aura cleanse
Aura protection
Full body detox (removal of contracts, negative energies and vibrations that don’t positively serve you, mild pineal gland detox preformed by Arch angels )
Rejection of possession
Constant energy source
Child like wonder boost
Audience with ascended masters
Understanding ancient texts and angelic
Visions/dreams related to fate and desired destiny
Safe Haven Enhancement (creates a tranquil energy that supports calmness, patience, emotional support, grounding, positive energy that surrounds you, emotional and physical healing. This energy manifests day to day or via astral/lucid dreams as a beautiful place that leaves you feeling rested, recharged and at your top level to trump your day)
The Obvious Enhancement: getting solutions to your problems that will effect your greater good

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