The Demon Lord’s Pact

Item Description

Geotia/Demonic Lord’s Demon Ritual:
This ritual is for taking on demon like traits and strengthening your connection to the demonic immortal of your choice. You will receive a ritual to preform and I will also say a part of the ritual to complete the cast. This isn’t for the faint heart nor is it to be taken lightly.
*Must be 18 years or older and have at least 3 years of experience with darker beings

Demon dna
Mind control
Silver tongue
Sexual prowess
Psychic boost
Astral projection
Third eye control
Third eye opening
Summoning magic boost
Custom portal for demonic assistance (these demons will not stay nor will they be companions. They will come through to aid in magic or to teach you something.)
Custom portal for hellhound interaction
Illusion magic boost
Increase dark arts boost
Increased combat skills
Reflex boost
Intellect boost
Chaos energy boost
Black arts boost
Revenge magic boost
Partial possession when needed
Curse magic boost
Shadow self awakening
Magic boost
Physical strength boost
Kundalini energy
Rise of kundalini
7 circles of hell energy boost (feel the influence and work with energy from each circle)
Necromancer magic
Audience with demon lords
ClairAbilities awakening
Eccentric knowledge
Know thy enemies
Dominance boost
Black magic understanding
Summoning magic boost
Ritual magic boost
Contract with desired demon lord
Demonic transformation

Choice: To sign a contract/make a deal with a demonic immortal of your choice( as they say selling your soul) for power

Item Other Details
Must have at least 2 years of demon/demonic experience
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