Aphrodite’s SoulMate Ritual

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🌹Aphrodite’s soul mate ritual:
This spells helps to end bad attachments, erase and cleanse negative energy, grounds you. In turn it helps prepare you and open you up for the right moment to receive your soulmate into your life.

WARNING: If you’re in a relationship or if it isn’t one with a soulmate then this ritual can still be cast. It will take you through the steps in order to break up. Their will be ups and downs emotionally but you will be supported along with your current partner through this process.

Process: This spell enclosed you into a rose. This rose is like your cacoon, holding you, comforting you in love until your soulmate is close. It will bloom when the time is right. After this the petals will fall and form a direct path to your soulmate. An aromatic smell will attract them to you. It’s a smell that may not go noticed physically but it’s meant to be used as a draw. To bring them to the right place at the right time. If you’re currently in a relationship that’s toxic it will peacefully end that relationship with simple disinterest in each other; as the rose enclosed on you it ends attachments to the other person and you both will fall out of love. It will harbor what love energies you haven’t given away and amplify them while encapsulated in the rose. The same process applies. These energies will be directed into self and when the rose is ready to bloom will be when your soul mate is close. The petals will fall making a clear path to your soulmate as your scent draws them in similar to a pheromone. You ever hear how you can find your lovers lips in the dark? Think of that concept here. 🌹

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