Companion Realms (Small)

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Item Description

Companion paradise Mini Realm: This Listing is a mini realm for a companion (s) of your choice. The way I’d set them up is, by species type or by the specific companion(s). I’d make a little paradise for that specific being, species and add their energy type(s)to it. You can tell me what details you’d like or we can leave it up to the being. For those of you who lucid dream, visions, or astral project it’s a great way to have a fun place to spend with your keep. Even if you don’t and are working your way up to it, it will still be a great place for them to be able to relax and spend their time. I thought Itd be fun to let them decide how it looks if you have nothing in mind or I come up with the design for you.

This will include:
a write up of the mini realm, an energy feeder source for the mini realm, cloaking and protection, blessings from me and my own keep/immortals, a password or symbol for you so that you have access (to keep it safe as well) as well as a picture to represent it. I will bind it to your own astral space or to you directly for better access. If you have a vessel I can also bind it to the vessel.

Small Realm(for 1-5 companion or 1-5 species)

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