Merlin’s Cloak of Enchantment

Item Description

*Merlin is an archetype of mystery, balance, advice, and enchantment. The great wizard in my talks with him is generous, wise, welcoming, playful, and his power and intelligence shows in his every word and motion*

*I feel very lucky to display this offering in my shop after using it for nearly a year now. Merlin has been more than generous in letting me put this listing up*

*Merlin’s Cloak of Enchantment will appear as a cloak meant to be worn astrally. It is specifically for the astral and energetic planes, and is not a physical object. It will be created in a way that Merlin feels is best for you, and designs created with specifications in mind are not available at the moment*

“Be safe on your journeys young one. Allow adventure to call to you and for that spark of magic and curiosity to grow by the day.” -Merlin


-This enchantment is to align you with your true vision astrally, and to help push away fears and delusions about what you may see during your travels.

-Aids in cloaking your frequency to match your surroundings astrally, so that this can help in connection to certain entities. Will promote better communication and astral workings.

-Adds a layer of invisibility making it harder for any unwanted tracking to find you.

-The cloak will act as an energetic body armor of sorts, and will learn from any attacks/grow stronger the more you work with it. (Of course this should not be your only protection. It is only something to aid you in that department.)

Writeup will consist of a description of the cloak/any extra enchantments if he chooses to add them, and be to notify you of delivery. Can be bound to a vessel or to your energy if wanted.

Item Other Details
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