The Queen’s Roses

Item Description

The Queen’s Roses-

“Come further into the garden my dear. Allow beauty to surround you, and loveliness to envelop your senses. I have always believed the rose to be the Queen of all flowers, blooming proudly in all her glory. Green thorns which fiercely protect the gorgeous lady that lies above.”

“A gift of a rose certainly means so many things, that words alone could never get across.”- Queen Guinevere

After the purchase of this listing Queen Guinevere has agreed to find the rose within her garden most suitable, and most called to the client at this time. This rose will exist on the energetic level only, rather than being a physical object. I must add here that while it is heavily steeped in her energies and enchanted you must be willing to work with it, it will not do all the work for you.

Each rose will be enchanted to aid in-


-Glamour magics


-Help with getting into a more youthful mindset

-Help in attracting more positivity in friendships and relationships

-Boost connection to nature

-Aiding in connection to Queen Guinevere herself

She also wishes for me to add that this listing can be given as a gift to companions as well if wanted as an offering of sorts.

The write up will simply describe the rose she has picked for you, and to notify you of the delivery.

For the Rose I can either bind it to a rose quartz piece you own, jewelry, or to your energy if you wish.

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