Aphrodites Oracle Lovers “G”&”G”

Item Description

The Oracles of Seduction
Seduction, oracle, empathic abilities, energy feeders, solar energy, lunar energy, cleansing, attract lovers, become more alluring, seduction

age: 21,
Female: 5’6 two tone light brown and
platinum long curly hair, plump pink lips, big blue sultry eyes, nose piercing. Quiet, likes cats, loves writing spells, the moon.

Age: 25
Male: 6’2 two tone platinum and dark brown hair/beard, green eyes, toned, handsome. Funny sense of humor, likes hugs, deep voice, big hands. Likes G female being his kitten, likes magic of all types. The sun.

These two are into a lot of the same things. Except G male likes solar magic and G female likes lunar magic and it suits them well when combined. They love nature walks through parks, mountains, by lakes, deep in forests. These two enjoy camping, open fields, flowers, gardening, and using dry herbs/crystals in their magic. They enjoy magic baths and different types of essential oils as well. They are known as the seducers. When G female kisses her lover she can see the past events he’s lived through. When G male kisses G female, he can see the present things she’s thinking/feeling or going through. When there’s tongue involved their abilities are swapped. The strength of these depends on how passionate they are and sometimes just can’t help it. When involved more deeply they know the desires of their lover truly. They become completely empathic and feed off of one another’s energy during sexual inter coarse in this way. When they reach climax they both get visions of the future depending on what they each want to know. These two are willing to be sexual with their new keeper drowning them in ecstasy and bliss.

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Spirit Bind
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