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At Asteria Luxe we bring to you various Botanicals bath Beauty home decor and many forms of handmade goods and art. It is a curious that you would find in the back alley somewhere little hovel tucked away in a corner that makes some of the most exponentially amazing and curated items directly from that hovel. In this hovel there is an individual who practices paganism and a spell work for free but also create some of the most delicious smelling an amazing Artesian Goods that you will not find elsewhere. Named after the goddess of the stars in Cosmos so that way everybody feels the deity emerge from them. Like a beautiful butterfly you will find things that literally make your skin feel soft as the day you were born you will find things that make your Sacred Space blossom with vibrancy and energies. However we also cater to mundane and people locally not of the lhp or meta community. Asteria represents the best of both worlds and Hope’s for a better tomorrow. 30% of each sale is donated to domestic violence programs and other abuse survivors to helping local animals and homeless and those who are going through natural disasters. We aim to heal the world with philanthropist views and spreading kindness to each and every person our products touch.

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due to the nature of all goods and services I do not do refunds. If it is broken or does not fit please contact me for a bigger size or a replacement.
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