Huff’s Catseyes

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My wares are custom made for the customer and take around two weeks to complete. Only one will be listed at a time and are never mass produced. I do not control what type of energy you will receive, but they are usually exactly what the customer needs most.

Shop Policy
There are no guarantees in magic, so no returns and I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens after the purchase.
Contact Information
My email address is [email protected]
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#193Soltari24-Jan-2020 08:54:45$0.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Thinking of getting a cats eye? All I can say is "do it". Huffs work is incredible

#180kafai14-Nov-2019 15:53:32$0.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Fantastic and professional seller... thumb up

#5Wook27-Feb-2019 16:40:41$0.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Everyone should get their own Catseye. They are a very customized piece for each person and Huff puts a lot of work into each one.

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