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Welcome friend, step right in! into the world of portrait of your keep done by a derpy man!

Just kidding, I am Alexius and I love drawing portrait for my keeps and I am thinking helping others obtain their portrait for their keeps as well.

We currently offer portrait for your keeps on the theme of their choosing to bring their image to you.

in the future we will have more service and even a card game featuring your keeps!


Shop Policy
We accept and refund payment through paypal, if you require other ways to transact payment please contact us.


Due to Laws requires, our product and service are listed under the category of "Entertainment".

Notes on Enchanted items from our shop:

We perform the spell and the ritual for you on the aspect of life you desired. however, magick are the supportive role to give you a boost in your journey of follow your dreams and wishes. You are also need to push yourselves to reach your goal.
Contact Information
Contact me through the following/聯絡方式

email/電子信箱: [email protected]
discord: https://discord.gg/kM6GPUE
Tel/電話: +886-4-22348889 (Taiwan, R.O.C)
Mobile/手機: +886-975099881 (Taiwan, R.O.C)
Fax/傳真: +886-4-22366661 (Taiwan, R.O.C)

Add/地址: No. 575, 7th floor room 2, ChinHwa road, North District, Taichung city Taiwan 40463/台中市北區進化路575號7樓之2
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#278Cubickguy12-Oct-2020 05:40:25$0.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Wonderful Experience.
The Portrait was amazing and I loved it.
It actually made me more curious than I was when I ordered it.

#188Ubidreamsforever01-Nov-2019 11:24:42$0.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: This is now the fifth time that Alexius has done renderings of spirits in my keep!! Super awesome!! Both my daughter and I can’t say enough good of the work that Alexius has done again for both of us!! AAAA++++ Thanks!!

#163Ubidreamsforever01-Nov-2019 11:21:20$0.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Another super spirit rendering done by Alexius!! AAA+++

#146Ubidreamsforever01-Nov-2019 11:19:21$0.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Another awesome rendering of one of my spirits done by Alexius!! AAA+++

#142Ubidreamsforever01-Nov-2019 11:20:25$0.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: And again, more awesome renderings of spirits in my keep by Alexius!! AAA+++

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