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Like most people I have a deep sense of wanderlust, a drive to travel and explore,I want to “see it all”.To live and discover something more than myself. So I Astral travel to achieve just that. But traveling is so much more than just checking out the scenery, its meeting beautiful radiant life-changing beings along the way. friendships and cultures you wouldnt even believe existed unless you saw it for yourself.
Along my travels I’ve met lots of beautiful creatures intrigued with my lifestyle just as much as I’m intrigued with theirs. These listings are of the Beings/Entities with whom I’ve met paths with, who’ve decided to come along with me and join the roadie family . (Roadies are my word for the beings/friends whomst I’ve met “on the road”& during my travels who’ve joined me in hopes of finding or joining a family,a keep,or a companion to call their own.
Each and every roadie that comes my way is a unique being.I rarely travel to the same place twice , so each individual will be unique to the place I’ve found myself traveling too. So be sure to make your way fast if you feel drawn or someone catches your eye , as there probably won’t be another quite like them.

Each and every roadie has gone through multiple time consuming tests to ensure your safety as well as the initial safety of joining my roadie family in the first place, a double process if you will. (Nothing like checking the list twice)

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Curious about one of the roadies? Schedule a meet and greet. Dont be shy theyre excited to meet ya.

Purchased one of my roadies? Things arent working out between the two of you? Thats ok! I'd be more than willing to accept them back into the roadie family. I consider all of my roadies friends/family and they're always welcome back if circumstances lead to it. No homeless roadies on my watch.
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